Rules for the Truck’n’Roll En Coeur Festival

On site:
  • Security service is offered on site all weekend.
  • No violence or disrespect will be tolerated. *Please note that a person who does not respect this could be met by security and could be asked to leave the premises.
  • We are not responsible for damage caused by others.
  • All motorized / electric vehicles are prohibited on the grounds: golf carts, electric scooters, etc. Only informed people have permission: volunteers and organizers. *Please note that a person with a disability who needs a scooter or any other adaptation is accepted.
  • Coolers with food and drink are prohibited for visitors, including alcoholic beverages. Bottles of water are given free of charge on the field in addition to snacks for children. There are several mobile canteens on the ground in addition to a bar service. *Please note that we understand and accept exceptions such as a person with health problems requiring a special diet. A security guard and/or volunteer may search your bag at the entrance. You may also be asked to bring your cooler back to your vehicle if you do not comply with the regulations.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Remember to keep the place clean by throwing your garbage in the trash.
  • Truckers have until 2 p.m. Saturday to register for Show ‘n Shine. *Please note that if they do not come to the registration booth before this time, they cannot be judged.
  • Our campsite is offered without service (without water, electricity or septic tank)
  • We ask that you drop off your trailer, tent and other personal effects on your campground, then pull your vehicle off the lot to make room.
  • Dogs are tolerated in the camping section only with leash and muzzle. Each dog must stay on its own campsite. The person responsible for the dog must make sure to pick up its excrement.
  • Campfires are not permitted.
  • Please turn off your generator after midnight until 8am.
  • Please keep your place clean (trash in the trash).